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From time to time I will have used Black Powder or Curio Relic firearms for sale on this page.  Check back every once in while!  All shipping will be via USPS Flat Rate or Priority for Black Powder guns.

The buyer is responsible for knowing and adhering to any appropriate laws in your state or community!



Uberti "London" Navy Revolver, .36 Caliber

Unfired in the box.  Made in 2017 this London model is ready for the range.   This one sports particularly nice walnut grips and color casehardening on the frame. The box has some minor damage. 

When introduced at London's Great Exhibition in 1851, this .36 caliber, six-shot revolver made such a hit with British subjects that Col. Samuel Colt set up operations in London to answer their demand for a reliable, straight-shooting sidearm. The '51 London Model Navy is unique from its American cousin in that it features a blued steel back strap, and steel oval trigger guard, rather than the American model's brass version.  Like the original it wears the traditional blued, roll engraved cylinder with the naval battle scene depicting Texas' navy's victory over the Mexican navy, a 7 1/-inch octagon barrel and trigger, along with the traditional color cased loading lever and hammer. It also sports the brass bead front sight and the notched hammer rear sight, as well as the handsome varnished, one-piece walnut grips.

$350.  Buyer pays actual Priority postage and insurance costs (app $20-$25)

I would also consider a trade for a Colt Pocket Police revolver in similar condition.

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