Black Powder Arms For Sale

From time to time I will have used Black Powder or Curio Relic firearms for sale on this page.  Check back every once in while!  All shipping will be via USPS Flat Rate or Priority for Black Powder guns.

The buyer is responsible for knowing and adhering to any appropriate laws in your state or community!


Armi-Sport Model 1842 RIFLED MUSKET in 69 Caliber


About 20,000 Model 1842 Muskets were rifled and fitted with long range sights in the late 1850s.  Practically all of these big bore rifle muskets saw used during the Civil War of both sides.  Armi-Sport had faithfully reproduced this weapon with its correct 1:72 twist three groove rifling.  This musket is lightly used and would be great for live fire or for living history.  Shoot this big bore rifle musket is not for the faint of heart! :)

$850 post paid in the USA

Austrian Model 1854 Lorenz Bayonet

Very nice condition, but it was nickel plated, probably for GAR parade use in the 19th Century.  The nickel is shiny but does not look garish like a chrome plating.  It actually just looks like polished steel.   It seems to be in perfect condition underneath the nickel.   $125 post paid.